It's all about your journey to financial prosperity

Diversit-e Smart Trade College’s Forex-, Bitcoin CFD and Stock Market e-Learning courses are about coaching startups how to trade and earn safely. Our user-friendly, e-Learning courses allow you to study from home or your office at your own pace.

The basis of our Clients’ trading success is the fact that they receive personalised coaching and mentoring from our Coaching- and Trading Specialists.

Our platform is also an excellent opportunity to educate children on the Laws of Wealth creation as well as how they could earn an additional income from an early age or whilst studying.

Our Process

This is how we teach you how to trade and earn safely

First invest in your knowledge before trading the markets.
Learn to apply the theory through a simulated and or live trading platform.
Dedicated and highly qualified Coaches, Mentors and Trading Specialists are a click or call away. They can answer all your questions and guide you to success.

Meet our FABULOUS Team

Meet the dedicated people who are here to serve you

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What we offer you


Unlimited access

Learn what you want, when you want to, 24/7. Devour the content as fast as you like.

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World class technology

Our e-Learning platform ensures you retain what is viewed with concise short videos.

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Trade smarter

You'll learn to adjust your trading- and investment strategies according to your needs, risk and trading objectives.

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Learn smarter

Learn on-the-go through our social interactive e-Learning platform.

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Trade live

Trade live through the ``Best Broker in Africa`` on global markets. Get daily trade signals, trading news and much more!

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Recognition and reward club

Earn bonuses and rewards when you like our social media pages, refer family, friends and colleagues who are as investment conscious as you are.

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Unashamedly Ethical

In an environment focused on ownership, delivery and measurement, we uphold a culture of openness, honesty, active Employee involvement and driven ethics. We cultivate the highest standards of business ethics that exceed those required by legal and professional codes.

Quality Team Players

Our Coaching- and Trading Specialists are skilled, goal driven and committed. They are passionate about helping people do what they do, only better. Coaching is provided one-on-one, at our campus, via webinar sessions and online short courses.


Investing in the future of our Employees and Stakeholders is one of our main goals. To enrich everyone involved with us through personal growth and success is the legacy we hope to leave behind. As we continue to become stronger and more successful, so will our Employees and Stakeholders.


Here we are transparent, respectful and brutally honest. Even if conversation may be difficult, we encourage constant interaction and strive to remove barriers.

Service and Support

How do we always meet our Stakeholders’ expectations? Through excellent Client services. Our Clients have a voice. Our strong and lasting Client relationships naturally create trust.

Wealth Creation

We attempt to make a difference in the lives of our stakeholders. This includes the achievement of true wealth and a life enriched beyond their imaginings – free worldly problems.


We employ People and associate ourselves with Stakeholders who embrace responsibility through their thoughts, decisions, actions, behaviours and results to cultivate a winning culture that exponentially grow themselves and the company.

Successful people make decisions and take control

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