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trading courses for Forex JSE and how to use your trading platform

Learn how to trade with us as your personalised coach and mentor. We present you with an all-inclusive personalised course that will get you started with trading. And to top it all off, we will coach and mentor you on your journey to become a successful trader!

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Included in the All-inclusive Personalised Course:

Understanding your live trading platform

Learn how to configure and setup to effectively apply and interpret through technical analysis.

Personalised mentoring with a Trading Specialist

You deserve only the best. We partner with only the best to help you help yourself make the most of your trading experience.

Market Analysis

Get crucial information on the Forex market, such as the conditions and or factors that may influence pricing. Get data with insights to help you make sensible decisions.

Forex Trading

Learn to trade in foreign exchange. Forex trading is based on the exchange rates of different currencies that trade against each other.

JSE (Share) trading

This comprehensive online course offers wits and wisdom on how to shop for opportunities on the South African securities exchange.

Commodity Trading

Trading commodities offers you the opportunity to diversify your portfolio beyond the traditional securities for both the long and short term.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There's nothing to worry about with our personalised coaching!

Why should I choose Smart Trade College?

We’ve designed this business for your trading pleasure. Real profits create real pleasure!

How do I know this will actually work?

We also didn’t know that it will work until our existing Clients proofed us wrong. Their social media reviews are evident of the effectiveness of our coaching and mentoring.

How long will it take to make back my initial outlay?

Our aim is to help you help yourself make it back soonest, however is this dependant on how much time, effort and personal dedication you commit to and what your objectives are.

Should I register now?

What excuses do you permit to postpone enjoying the befits of this opportunity? Given all that is included, is this special offer more valuable than the initial investment itself. How long do you want to wait before earning extra income?

What is the risk?

What was the risk when you left your home today or got into your car? We all heard the saying “a risk free investment is a return free investment”, right? Our Coaches and the Trading Specialists will guide you on how to minimize your risk to 10% and ensure optimal returns.

You don’t have time?

You made time available to read through all this, therefor do we believe that People make time for the things they value. Obviously the more time you commit to the better your chances to earn more. The minimum quality time recommended is 30-minutes each trading day. Should time still be an issue do we proudly offer the CopyKat Trader where your portfolio automatically trades on your behalf.

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