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What is CopyKat?

Automated Trading with CopyKat is a system that allows you to copy any traders' movements. In doing so you can learn the art of trading from successful traders.

Here's the takeaway:

Follow the best Traders and decide if you want to copy them or simply copy automatically

Every time they trade, the same trades automatically take place in your account

When they profit, so could you

No need to sit next to a computer the whole day

CM Trading CopyKat solutions
CM Trading CopyKat system

A Guide To Our Automated CM Trading CopyKat System In South Africa

CopyKat Trader is an integrated electronic trading platform. It allows both Beginners and professional Traders the opportunity to watch, learn and then copy complex trading strategies used by seasoned Traders in the CopyKat system. At Diversit-e-Smart Trade College we offer our students the opportunity to better understand this electronic CM Trading CopyKat system online.

To learn to trade like an experienced Trader; all you need to do is:

  1. Open an account with our preferred Broker,
  2. Access the Sirix WebTrader through your search browser,
  3. Choose a nickname and avatar that will make you recognizable within the CopyKat community,
  4. Search for successful Traders from a list of Top 100 Traders,
  5. Follow or copy their trades with amounts that are customized to your needs.

Benefits Of Using CopyKat Trader

The main benefit of using CopyKat Trader is you can learn to trade from the best trading Professionals. It’s not so much what they trade but how they trade which is important. A good Trader adopts a disciplined approach to developing and executing a personalized trading strategy.

It takes time, practice and money to develop the right trading strategy and learning from advanced Traders who have battled it out for a few years in the trading trenches is a unique and valuable opportunity.

How Does CopyKat Trader work?

The integrated platform allow users to set their accounts to “copy-paste” mode so they can copy their favorite Traders most successful strategic moves. You can choose to just follow the Trader and watch his/her Trade moves if you don’t want to invest real funds.

You are also not obliged to use the same amount of funds as the Trader you are copying; you decide on how much you want to trade or invest based on your personal financial capacity.

The trading takes place in autopilot mode. You select a simple ‘copy’ instruction and the CopyKat Trader system automatically performs the trade when it takes place in real time. Positions that the Trader opens and closes while you are ‘copying’ him or her are automatically copied to your account.

All copying and trading is done in complete privacy. It’s done under a nickname and avatar and you never share your personal details with anyone.

How To Copy A Trader On CopyKat Trader

  1. Register online at
  2. Log into your account; make sure the server is live
  • If you have not signed up for a Sirix nickname; select ‘Join’
  • Choose a nickname and avatar
  1. Search for a Trader you want to copy
  • if you choose to follow the Trader, you don’t use any funds
  • if you choose to copy the Trader, you use real funds
  1. Type in the nickname of the Trader you want to copy
  • search and use the filter function to look for and choose a Trader for the ‘Top Traders’ list
  • check their profile by clicking on their nickname
  1. Select how you would like to copy the trade
  • positions that the Trader opens and closes are automatically copied to your account
  • the copying technology automatically takes into account your equity and leverage and the Trader’s equity and leverage.
  1. Monitor your CopyKat trades through the Sirix WebTrader or with MetaTrader 4

How To ‘uncopy’ A Trader On CopyKat Trader

  1. Select your nickname in the top right corner
  2. Select ‘community’
  3. Select ‘copying’
  4. Select the nickname of the Trader you are copying
  5. Select ‘edit copy’
  6. Select ‘uncopy’

All open positions copied from the Trader will become manual. You need to close the positions yourself.

How The Trade Size Is Calculated On CopyKat Trader

The CopyKat Trader system does all the work for you. All you need to do is enter the equity you want allocated and the CopyKat Trader system automatically calculates the trade size.

CopyKat Trader Risk Warning

Just because a seasoned Trader has been successful in the past,  doesn’t mean he or she won’t lose money in the future. Trades go wrong even for the most seasoned Traders. Sirix CopyKat Trader is explicit on this point; the risk involved in using CM Trading CopyKat trader is entirely your responsibility. Diversit-e Smart Trade College is not liable in any way for failed trades and loss of income or profits.

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