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Want to take on the Stock Exchange Market?

Our online trading course is the perfect place to get started.

We offer the best online trading courses for beginners – taking you step-by-step through the what, where and how of the stock exchange market and other trading markets.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”15px”][vc_column_text]

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Shares, Equities and Stock Exchange Trading Course Online in South Africa.

The difference between Stocks, Shares and Equities

Investing in the stock market can be exciting and financially rewarding. It can also be quite daunting. If you’re serious about investing in stocks, shares or equities; it’s important you have a thorough understanding of the stock market and how it works. We at Diversit-e Smart Trade College offer customers exceptional stock exchange trading courses online.

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What is Stock Trading in South Africa?

When a company needs to raise capital, it can either borrow money from a financial lender or it can issue stocks. An investor who buys a company’s stock is not lending the company his or her money; the person is buying a percentage of ownership in the company.

A stock is an investment that represents a share in the ownership of a company. When you purchase a company’s stock, you are buying a share of its business. An investor will invest in a company’s stock if they think the value will increase over time. Company stock is also quickly sold if the investor thinks its value will drop.

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What are shares?

Shares also refer to ownership of a company or a tradeable financial commodity. However, a share is the single smallest denomination of a company’s stock. In other words, shares are units of stock.

When a company issues stock, each unit of stock is referred to as a share. Basically, one share of stock is equal to one unit of ownership of the public company.

Shares can also refer to other types of investments. For example, you can own shares in a mutual fund, limited partnership or property investment. Many companies offer their senior employees shares in the business which means they are entitled to a share of the company’s annual profits, but the share is not tradeable.

Difference between stocks and shares

Both words are used interchangeably and the difference between stocks and shares is somewhat blurred. However, the two are not the same.

Stocks is a general term that describes a collection of shares of a public company. A share is the smallest unit into which the company’s capital is divided.

 What are equities?

Basically, stocks and equity are the same because they both represent ownership of a company or entity. However, a few factors differentiate equity from shares.

The main differences are:

  • Equity is an ownership stake that cannot be easily traded on the stock market; shares are easily tradable on the stock market.


  • Equity is issued in all forms of business, including proprietorship, partnership or corporations; shares are typically issued for public companies.


  • For an equity stake, a dividend is only issued if there is a share component; holders of shares are entitled to a dividend payout.


What is the stock market?

The stock market is where investors connect to buy and sell investments. The most common investment is stocks which comprise of units (shares) of ownership in a publicly listed company. A stock market works like an auction house where buyers and sellers negotiate prices and make trades on various stocks.

Other financial securities are also traded in the stock markets. This includes exchange traded funds (ETFs), corporate bonds and derivatives which are based on stocks, commodities, currencies and bonds.

Difference between the stock market and stock exchange

The stock market and stock exchange tend to be interchangeable terms, even though the stock exchange is a subset of the stock market. In other words, if you trade in the stock market, it means you buy and sell shares through a stock exchange.

The stock market represents a collection of companies that list equity shares for public investors to buy and sell. The stock exchange is merely the infrastructure that facilitates the trading of stocks and equity securities. It can be a ‘bricks and mortar’ facility or an electronic platform.

A stock market in a country may be made up of more than one stock exchange. For example, the stock market in the United States is made up of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Nasdaq, the Better Alternative Trading System (BATS) and the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE).

The South African stock market is serviced by four stock exchanges; the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), ZAR X, 4AX and A2X.

How the stock market works

The stock market works through a network of stock exchanges. Companies list shares of its stock on an exchange using a process called an initial public offering (IPO). Investors buy and sell stocks between themselves or hold onto to it as a long-term investment.

The price of each share is influenced by the supply and demand of the listed stock. You find there’s either a willing buyer or a willing seller in the market. A buyer offers a bid which is the highest amount they are willing to pay for the shares. This is usually lower than the amount the seller is asking for; the difference is called the bid-ask spread.

A trade takes place if the buyer is willing to increase the price he or she is prepared to pay, or the seller is prepared to decrease the asking price. Each trade works on a stock-by-stock basis but most times, stock prices move in tandem when something impacts the bid-ask spread. This would be breaking news, political events or favorable or unfavorable corporate or economic reporting.

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How do you make money in Stock Trading?

In exchange for buying the company’s stocks, the stockholder has the right to claim part of its earnings and assets. This payment is issued as a dividend, and is paid out monthly, quarterly or annually.[/vc_column_text][vc_message]When you own stock in a company, you are called a stockholder, stakeholder or shareholder. All three words are recognized as having ownership of a company.[/vc_message][vc_column_text]

Our training will assist you in becoming an expert in stock trading South Africa online.

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Take a look at the FAQ below or contact us for more information.

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DISCLAIMER & NOTICE: The answers are for educational purposes only and not financial- and or investment advice. Trading can be very risky. Never trade with money you cannot afford to lose. Always seek the advice of our preferred regulated FSCA Broker and or a regulated FSCA Financial Advisor.

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Learn how to trade the Stock Exchange Market 

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