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Trading the Stock Market

Learn how to be a ‘good’ Stock Trader with our stock market trading for beginners course.

It takes time, discipline and patience to learn how to trade on the stock market and show profits. In the past, professional traders connected to financial institutions were the only ones who had access to the best trading technology and research. Today, with everything now available online, you have access to a wealth of information and coaching at a click of a button. Online share trading is our passion and we’ll share our expert knowledge about stock market trading in South Africa, with you.

Trading on the stock market is not for everyone.

There’s a definite personality type that makes a ‘good’ Stock Trader; someone who thrives on the excitement, fast pace and high pressure. At the same time, a Stock Trader needs to be disciplined, conscientious and cautious. A Stock Trader really is a mixed bag of goods.

The stock market is the central domain in a country where Stock Brokers buy and sell shares of ownership in public listed company stocks and or shares. A company’s stock is divided up into shares. This means a share is the single smallest denomination of a company’s stock.

Why you need a Stock Market Trading
video course For Beginners

  • Online course that takes you step-by-step
  • Develop your understanding before you start trading with real money
  • Money spent on an educational training
  • Clarity and guidance

Stock Market Course Curriculum

Introduction to the JSE

Sources of information

Prospecting for quality stocks

Stop-loss strategies

Fundamental – and Technical Analysis

Buying and selling stocks local and international

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What is the stock market?

Traders buy and sell stocks through an exchange. It could be the world’s most famous stocks like Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Uber and Netflix. Or it could be local South African-based stocks like Mr Price, MultiChoice, Santam, Bidvest, Naspers, Woolworths or Standard Bank Group. Three of the biggest stock exchanges in the world are the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the NASDAQ in the United States and the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) in Japan. To clear up any confusion, the stock market is an umbrella term for stocks traded in a country. The stock exchange relates to where exactly stocks are traded. The stock market is made up of a collection of exchanges which is where the physical act of buying and selling happens. As an example, the South African stock market comprises four stock exchanges. The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) is the oldest and most prominent and the three newcomers are ZAR X, 4AX and A2X.

A Stock Trader buys and sell shares of publicly traded companies, in other words popular stocks. Depending on the Stock Broker and or firm could commissions be charged on each transaction and it goes into the big pot if you’re working for a financial organisation or into your own pocket if you’re working for yourself. If you trade for a financial company and buy and sell stocks to make money for the company, you need a certified trading license. If you open an online account and buy and sell stocks to make a profit for yourself, you don’t need a license. You can also opt to trade for yourself with your own capital. The beauty of this is you can work anywhere and in your own time. Diversit-e-Smart Trade College offers professional stock market trading for beginners courses online. Contact us today to find out more about this course and other fantastic online classes available for you.

For every Seller in the stock market, there is a Buyer. The only thing that matters really is who makes money out of the transaction. If there are more Buyers than Sellers (high demand and scarcity of stock), the stock price goes up. If there are more Sellers than Buyers (low demand and over-supply of stock), the price will decline. The task falls on Stock Traders to make the most profit out of a trade which is done by taking advantage of price fluctuations on individual stocks. A Stock Trader either buys or sells shares for a short-term trade that might last just a few seconds or takes a longer-trade position that might hold for several weeks, months or even years. Stock Brokers either work for a trading firm or independently for themselves. Today, with electronic trading taking over the world, stock trading is no longer the exclusive domain of professional traders with university qualifications and the major investment banks. You can trade on a part-time basis after doing an online trading course. All you need is a good computer or Smartphone, reliable internet, data, the knowledge and expert mentoring to make the best trading decisions.

If you hope to work as a full-time trader for an investment bank, you’ll need a Bachelor’s degree in finance or investment management. After that, you’ll receive on-the-job-training in an internship position. However, don’t let a fancy qualification put you off getting started as a Stock Trader. Or the worry that you need a large amount of capital to trade. With technology available, trading stocks from home on a part-time basis is easier than it’s ever been. Diversit-e Smart Trade College and our Partner FSCA regulated Stock Broker helps you get started trading on the stock market and will guide you through your trading journey. This involves deciding what markets to trade in (Forex, Stocks or Cryptocurrency) and developing the skills to building a strong trading strategy. Once you’ve gained knowledge through any of our stock market trading coaching options, practical experience using a demo account should make you be ready to start trading with real capital.

[1]  Disclaimer: This information is applicable at the time of publishing.

DISCLAIMER & NOTICE: The answers are for educational purposes only and not financial- and or investment advice. Trading can be very risky. Never trade with money you cannot afford to lose. Always seek the advice of our preferred regulated FSCA Broker and or a regulated FSCA Financial Advisor.

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